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Services for Individuals

Wordsmith Joe offers unique services to individuals who want to have their ideas, their emotions, their stories expressed in understandable English to whatever audience they are seeking to reach.

Perhaps you never thought of having your "obituary" pre-written. But, by acting while you are still alive, you can ensure that the facts of your life are correct and that the important points you want to be highlighted are included in what will be the final story of "your life" when it appears in the paper.

Or, maybe, you are a romantic at heart, but cannot express your emotions to a loved one in writing. Wordsmith Joe will take your feelings and rhyme your sentiments in a unique message for your special person.

The Individual Services noted here are just suggestions. If you can think of any writing requirement that is not listed, Wordsmith Joe can probably produce what you need. Be sure to ask, if you don't see what you specifically require.